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Economic Valuation of Ecosystem Services to Community in Kalpitiya

MIND institute together with the Sustainable Ocean Resources Network (SORN), SOAS University of London and Sri Jayawardanapura University is conducting an economic valuation study in Kalpitiya Peninsula to inform policy for protection of ecosystems in the area.


Traditionally a fishing areas, Kalpitiya peninsula is increasingly affected by the tourism industry – increasing number of tourist hotels (large, small and micro scale), clearing land for commercial uses (mainly hotels  (and decreasing yields in some instances), clearing of mangroves,  damages to sand dunes, increasing industries such as aquaculture (prawn farming), salt farming (not so much related to tourism), crowded beaches, increasing  boat  traffic, and  coastal  development  such  as  reclamation,  erosion,  accretion  and  sedimentation etc. are growing in the area.  These activities have a variety of impacts, both positive (increased income for locals) and negative (harm to mangroves and other ecosystems).

 Watch this space to know more about the research.


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1.1.2 Valuation of Ecosystem Services of the Maha Oya

  Technical Papers  

1.2.1 Valuation of ecosystem services

1.2.2 Economic valuation of a mangrove ecosystem threatened by shrimp aquaculture in Sri Lanka

1.2.3 ‘Turtle watching’: A strategy for endangered marine turtle conservation through community participation in Sri Lanka

1.2.4 Estimation of the Welfare Benefit of Boating at Maduganga Ramsar Wetland in Sri Lanka

1.2.5 “Should ‘Paraviwella Beach’ in Sri Lanka be Preserved for ‘Sea Bathing’?”: A ZTCM Approach

1.2.6 Valuing & Investing in Ecosystems as Development Infrastructure: economic analysis of options for climate-compatible development in coastal zones of Kenya & Sri Lanka

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