Reducing Marine Pollution

  • 1.2 Reports

  1.1 Articles  

1.1.1 Lohr A et al (2017) Solutions for global marine litter pollution, Current Opinion in Environmental Ability, 28: 90-99 

1.1.2 Jambeck J et al (2015) Plastic waste inputs from land into the ocean, Science, 367, 768-771

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1.1.4 Wright, S.L., et al., (2013) The physical impacts of microplastics on marine organisms: A review, Environmental Pollution, 1-10

1.1.5 Ryan P et al (2009) Monitoring the abundance of plastic debris in the marine environment, Phil. Trans. R. Soc. B, 364, 1999–2012

  1.2 Reports  

1.2.1 UNEP (2016) Marine plastic debris & Microplastics, United Nations Environment Programme

1.2.2 McKinsey & Ocean Conservatory (2015) Stemming the tide: Land-based strategies for a plastic free ocean

1.2.3 World Economic Forum, Ellen MacArthur Foundation and McKinsey & Company (2016) The New Plastics Economy — Rethinking the future of plastics

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